Why Choose SPC?

Otherwise known as "Stone Plastic Composite", SPC is a Click Vinyl with an integrated underlay that has realistic features of wood and stone at a fraction of the price.

All SPC products are 100% waterproof making it the perfect floor for any area in your home.

SPC is resistant to scratches, stains and impacts. Vacuuming & sweeping is easy and a simple mop will keep your SPC floor looking fresh and clean.

Just like laminate, SPC is easy to install thanks to it's click system. Not only that, you can install SPC over most existing floors and imperfect subfloors, thanks to the integrated underlay, making this a hassle free floor.

SPC looks like real wood or stone. Thanks to the surface structures, high-definition film and pictures, you cannot distinguish them from the real thing. Another added advantage is that SPC's are warmer for your home. So, they look like the real thing but feel much better.

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