Why Choose Cushion Vinyl?

Cushion Vinyl (sometimes called "Lino") is a quick and affordable way to makeover your home. They are 100% waterproof, have acoustic properties, soft/warm underfoot and come in a variety of designs making it the perfect floor for any room in your home.

Every cushion vinyl floor has a minimum slip rating of R10 making it perfect for bathrooms & kitchens.

You read that right! All cushion vinyl is 100% waterproof!
No more worrying about the kids turning the bathroom into a swimming pool or your dog shaking off the rain water from their coat. Simply clean up any left over water and your floor is as good as new.

Cushion vinyl is the most affordable flooring on the market. Just because it is low cost, doesn't mean it is low quality.
There are various designs to choose from, from wood effect to Victorian tiles. You will find the perfect design for you without breaking the bank.

Thanks to the "cushion" in Cushion Vinyl, this floor will absorb any sound you make. Perfect for any flat or any rooms above the ground floor.

Cushion vinyl is very easy to maintain. A simple sweep/vacuum and mop will do the trick.
No special cleaning products are required.

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