Why Choose Laminate?

Choosing a new floor isn't easy. The supply is virtually infinite these days, and every type of flooring has its own pros and cons. Increasingly, people are choosing laminate flooring, which combines the authentic look of a natural floor with many practical advantages AND a great price.

A laminate floor is made up of four layers. The base of the floor is an extremely strong, stable and moisture-proof HDF panel. The backing plate below it guarantees that the core cannot warp or collapse. On top of the HDF panel comes the 'decor panel': a very high resolution photo of authentic wood planks or tiles, that is simulated to the smallest detail. The decor layer is finished with resin, and topping that is a final transparent, wear-resistant upper layer to provide the ultimate protection for the floor. Thanks to this unique construction, the laminate floor cannot be distinguished from a floor that is made from real wood or natural stone, but it does offer quite a few practical advantages.

1. Suitable for every room

Laminate floors can be used in every room. Even for kitchens and bathrooms there are waterproof floors with extra protection. The anti-static surface and the seamless click system prevent dust and dirt from collecting on or between the planks, which is an ideal feature for children' rooms. You can even cover a complete staircase using laminate. 
With the correct subfloor, you can even place laminate on under floor heating (depending on the type) without hassle. And the robust core panels of laminate floors provide a solid, pleasant sound which means they are also ideal for apartments or houses with several floors. 

2. Extremely strong

Thanks to the extremely strong core panels AND the patented 'Scratch Guard' upper layer, they are exceptionally durable and hard wearing. Laminate floors are able to cope with scratches, playing kids, stiletto heels, the shock of heavy, falling objects and even scorch marks. Modern laminate floors are so hard wearing that these days they are increasingly fitted in public places with high footfall, such as shops and airports.
You also don't need to worry about spilling water or other liquids: simply mop up the fluid as quickly as possible and it won't have time to penetrate into the planks. 

3. Easy to maintain

Thanks to the protective top layer, laminate floors are very easy to keep clean. Dirt cannot penetrate the wood and a regular clean with a dry or lightly dampened fibre cloth will suffice to keep your floor in perfect condition for decades. You don't need to sand, scrub or oil laminate floors. Black marks or stubborn stains can easily be removed.

4. Quick and easy to install

In comparison with other floors, laminate is extremely easy to install. Thanks to the handy click system all the planks fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. You don't need glue, stabilised sand or mortar to lay a perfectly level and stable floor. 
Of course you can call in an expert, but with a minimum of DIY skills you can lay a completely new floor yourself in less than a day, without any problems. Even better: a laminate floor can also be taken up quickly and even moved. If somehow it should happen that a plank does get damaged over the years, then you can simply replace it.

5. Lifelike

Thanks to the newest techniques, a laminate floor is indistinguishable from a real timber floor. Even the texture of real timber, such as the knots, cracks and flaws, can be perfectly simulated. You have the choice of virtually every type of timber, in nearly every possible shade and in various plank dimensions.
You can even select laminate that has the appearance of natural stone or concrete. The only difference with a real stone floor? Laminate is much warmer to the touch, is less trouble to maintain and easier to install.

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