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Associated Weavers Briar Twist (Deluxe and Supreme)Associated Weavers Invictus MagnificusAssociated Weavers Invictus OrionAssociated Weavers Invictus SiriusAssociated Weavers PromenadeAssociated Weavers Stainaway Harvest HeathersAssociated Weavers Stainaway TweedAssociated Weavers Stainguard Harvest HeathersAssociated Weavers Stainguard Saxony (Deluxe and Supreme)Associated Weavers TemptationAssociated Weavers Tuftex TwistAssociated Weavers iSense IllusionAssociated Weavers iSense ObsessionAssociated Weavers iSense SeductionAssociated Weavers iSense SerenityAssociated Weavers iSense SplendourAssociated Weavers iSense SurpriseAssociated Weavers iSense SuspenseCondor Carpets Amalfi TwistCondor Carpets CarouselCondor Carpets Essentials (Supreme and Deluxe)Condor Carpets Intenza Barello Plains & HeathersCondor Carpets Intenza DreamfieldsCondor Carpets Intenza MulberryCondor Carpets Lazio Plains & HeathersCondor Carpets LuganoCondor Carpets Palm BeachCondor Carpets Puerto RicoCondor Carpets Royal PrestigeCondor Carpets Shetland BerberCondor Carpets SingaporeCondor Carpets Touched by Softness DELICATE TOUCHCondor Carpets Touched by Softness GENTLE TOUCHCondor Carpets Touched by Softness TENDER TOUCHCondor Carpets WembleyCormar Carpets Apollo EliteCormar Carpets Apollo PlusCormar Carpets Boucle NeutralsCormar Carpets Highland SaxonyCormar Carpets MalabarCormar Carpets Oaklands 32oz, 42oz, 50ozCormar Carpets Primo Choice (Super and Elite)Cormar Carpets Primo Excellence (Super and Elite)Cormar Carpets Primo UltraCormar Carpets Sensation HeathersCormar Carpets Sensation New Feeling/OriginalCormar Carpets Sensation SupremeCormar Carpets Sensation TwistCormar Carpets Soft FocusCormar Carpets Soft Focus HeathersCrown Floors AscotCrown Floors FortunaCrown Floors Glendevon (Tartan)Crown Floors Kent HouseCrown Floors Penrose & StripesCrown Floors Satino ExquisiteCrown Floors Satino FinesseLifestyle Adorable (Luxury and Ultimate)Lifestyle AmoreLifestyle Burghley HouseLifestyle CanterburyLifestyle Caress (Super, Elite, Exclusive, Luxury, Ultimate)Lifestyle Castell Exclusive & LuxuryLifestyle CherishLifestyle Cottage Berber Lifestyle Enchanting (Exclusive and Luxury)Lifestyle Evolution SaxonyLifestyle Exquisite Twist (Exclusive and Luxury)Lifestyle FoxyLifestyle GranthamLifestyle Heavenly (Elite, Exclusive, Luxury)Lifestyle Jupiter Twist (Super, Elite, Exclusive)Lifestyle Merion (Exclusive and Luxury)Lifestyle Molto Bella (Luxury and Ultimate)Lifestyle Oakmont (Super and Elite)Lifestyle Palazzo (Super and Elite)Lifestyle Pebble Beach (Super and Elite)Lifestyle Summit Twist (Super, Elite, Exclusive)Lifestyle SundaeLifestyle ValentineLifestyle York SaxonyLifestyle iLove DelectableLifestyle iLove DeliciousLifestyle iLove EnticingLifestyle iLove FlirtatiousLifestyle iLove Intrigue

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4m4m 4m and 5m

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10.2mm10.2mm Super 11.9mm Elite10.5mm10.7mm New Feeling 15.5mm Original10.7mm Super 13mm Elite10.8mm10mm11.5mm11.6mm11mm12.5mm12mm13.5mm13mm14.5mm14mm15.5mm15.6mm15mm16.3mm16.5mm17mm18mm19.5mm20.5mm20mm7.7mm8.3mm8.5mm (32oz), 9.4mm (42oz), 10.4mm (50oz)8mm9.1mm9.5mm9.6mm

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Babe  Manufacturer: Lifestyle Range: Lifestyle iLove Delicious Stock code: Babe
Amazon  Manufacturer: Associated Weavers Range: Associated Weavers iSense Seduction Stock code: 29 Amazon
Pisces  Manufacturer: Associated Weavers Range: Associated Weavers iSense Surprise Stock code: 09 Pisces
Hessian  Manufacturer: Associated Weavers Range: Associated Weavers iSense Serenity Stock code: 47 Hessian
Ash Grey  Manufacturer: Associated Weavers Range: Associated Weavers Invictus Orion Stock code: 92 Ash Grey
Summer Sand  Manufacturer: Cormar Carpets Range: Cormar Carpets Apollo Plus Stock code: Summer Sand
Brazil Nut  Manufacturer: Cormar Carpets Range: Cormar Carpets Primo Choice (Super and Elite) Stock code: Brazil Nut
Brown Sugar  Manufacturer: Lifestyle Range: Lifestyle Evolution Saxony Stock code: Brown Sugar
Caramel  Manufacturer: Lifestyle Range: Lifestyle Sundae Stock code: Caramel
Alluring  Manufacturer: Lifestyle Range: Lifestyle Exquisite Twist (Exclusive and Luxury) Stock code: Alluring
Ivory  Manufacturer: Lifestyle Range: Lifestyle Cottage Berber Stock code: Ivory
Argento  Manufacturer: Lifestyle Range: Lifestyle Molto Bella (Luxury and Ultimate) Stock code: Argento
City Street  Manufacturer: Associated Weavers Range: Associated Weavers Briar Twist (Deluxe and Supreme) Stock code: 96 City Street
Blond  Manufacturer: Lifestyle Range: Lifestyle Foxy Stock code: Blond
Bonnie  Manufacturer: Lifestyle Range: Lifestyle Valentine Stock code: Bonnie
Apple Crumble  Manufacturer: Lifestyle Range: Lifestyle Canterbury Stock code: Apple Crumble
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